Velvet Daydreams

poised in pearls
and purple pleasure
i slip into pink velvet

enveloped in pillow talk
and a heady perfume
that smells like patchouli
but tastes like bosc pears
or raspberry pastries
that flake and fall
onto my pretty pastels

as I lie awake
tracing printed patterns
the lace left on my skin
I’m illuminated
by a warm
butterscotch glow
from a nearby lamp who
casts her crown

upon my
decorative daydreams

Amanda Lee
Amanda Lee

grew up in McDonough, GA, and currently resides in Gainesville, Fl with her fiancěe. She is currently working on her BA in Psychology, and in her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, painting, and walking in nature. When she doesn’t have a pen or a book in her hand, Amanda can usually be found somewhere outdoors. She loves to discover and explore new nature parks, and her fondness for the natural world is often reflected in her poetry. In the near future, she is hoping to publish her first chapbook.