Meet the Team

Marissa Colleen Mullins

Editor & Creative Director for Serenity Café magazine; Curator for Serenity on Broadway Fine Art Gallery

Editor, Photographer, Creative Minx focused on Conscious Awareness and Present Moment Living!

A nod to the past — fifteen years as a published writer, poet, magazine editor followed by fifteen years as a sales manager in the automotive industry. A few blank spaces with jobs like bartender, bricklayer, Cemetery manager, and paving equipment operator in the mix! Life is a play and Love is the only truth!

Brandi Cantrell

Photographer & Editorial Assistant for Serenity Café magazine

Brandi Cantrell is a Photographer and an Editorial Assistant for Serenity Café magazine. She is passionate about photography. Brandi has been doing photography since she was fifteen years old. Her first photography assignment was at Arrowhead Golf course of Myrtle Beach, S.C. She is a homeschool mom and a partner in Cre8tive Vinyl, a specialty gift design company. She lives in Spartanburg, SC with her husband and daughters.

Brigette Mattox

Gallery & Editorial Assistant

Gallery Assistant for Serenity on Broadway Fine Art Gallery and Editorial Assistant for Serenity Café magazine.

J. Michael “Mickey” Burleson

Patron & Advisor to the Editor; Owner of Serenity on Broadway Fine Art Gallery

Providing the resources and support to turn the “Serenity Nameplate” into a reality.

Dr. Jack Thompson

“Out on Assignment“

Special Editorial Advisor and Columnist for Serenity Café magazine; Featured Photographic Artist at Serenity on Broadway Fine Art Gallery

Sarah Innami

Artist & Gallery Assistant

Sarah is an artist and Gallery Assistant for Serenity on Broadway Fine Art Gallery.

Joshua Kochis

Contributing Writer & Artist

Joshua Alexander Kochis grew up in the suburban forests of Southeast Michigan. He has always had busy hands. He received his BFA from the Penny Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan in 2015, where he focused in painting, sculpture, printmaking, installation, and creative writing. He is inspired by the forms and textures of nature and can often be found wandering in the woods, climbing trees and digging things up from the ground. His practice is focused on creating images, objects, and installations in collaboration with the natural world. Joshua is currently living and working in Detroit, MI.

Luke Owain Boult

Contributing Writer

Luke Owain Boult is a Welsh writer, editor, and translator. He studied for a BA in Japanese and Spanish at Cardiff University in Wales and has also studied at Valencia University, Spain, and Chuo University in Tokyo, Japan. After graduating, Luke became the award-winning editor of Buzz Magazine, Wales’ largest arts and culture magazine in 2015. Luke has a passion for the arts, language, writing, food, and travel and left Buzz to become a freelance writer, editor and translator in 2017, following a digital nomad lifestyle with his fiancée. He has since travelled extensively throughout Europe and Japan while translating books and games. Luke has written two novels and is currently working on his third.

Jaffar Ali

Contributing Writer

A communications professional, based in Lahore, Pakistan, with more than a 7-year stint within the media and communications sector, and an added background in Journalism. I like to dabble in writing, learning new languages, traveling, and scaling peaks. When I’m not indulged in the above, I can be found learning a new skill, reading, or designing.

Urvi C

Contributing Writer

I am a visual artist, writer and researcher based in Mumbai, India. I have extensively researched world art and mythology. I regularly review art exhibitions, write analytical essays, artwork descriptions, and contribute to multiple national and international art platforms. Academics: Bachelor of Fine Art, Sir JJ School of Art Post Graduate Diploma in Comparative Mythology, University of Mumbai Ancient Indian Arts and Sciences. Certificate course in Aesthetics and Philosophy Certificate course in Pre-History, Proto-History and Human Evolution, Certificate Course in Evolution and Genetics Advance Mountaineering Course. Three years of experience in Art Conservation and Restoration One year as Asst. Conservator at CSMVS Museum (formerly known as Prince Wales of Museum), Mumbai.

Gloria Makori

Contributing Writer

Hi, my name is Gloria Makori! I am a Graphic Designer born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. I am proudly a first generation Kenyan-American. Living with both identities is a blessing in disguise. It allows me to have a different perspective on topics within my community. I am passionate about art, food, culture, and acts of service. I believe life is too short and unpredictable to live in fear, attachment, or hatred. One of my guilty pleasures is watching Big Brother on CBS every summer. I recently graduated from Berea College in August 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Technology and Design. I hope you gain insight from reading about my experience!

Robert Tustin

Contributing Poet

Robert is a a poet and bookseller living in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Sugar Baby the Cat

Good Vibes Guard Cat

Making sure those negative vibes don’t sneak up on us.