About Us

The artist enters the Void with nothing and comes back with something.

Her skill is to turn off the self-censor. Her skill is to jump off the cliff. Her skill is to believe.

As artists, what are we believing in? We’re believing in a conception of the universe (or at least of consciousness within that universe) that is not random, not pointless, not devoid of meaning.


Steven Pressfield, Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t

SC Media, LLC

SC Media, LLC specializes in media, marketing and business consulting . We are a family owned business. Our love for the Arts and Human beings is what turned a dream into reality.

Serenity Café

Serenity café works with writers and artist from around the world. Our desire is to publish a high gloss magazine for everyone to enjoy. Serenity café is a mixture of photography and exceptional written works of art. Our goal is for art to inspire and be a doorway for anyone to express themselves.

Serenity on Broadway

We are proud to be working with Serenity on Broadway a Fine Art Gallery. The gallery is located on Broadway street in the heart of Myrtle Beach, SC. Local and Nonlocal Artist works will be on display and for sale. There will be different events that will take place at Serenity on Broadway.